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Historical Odyssey KUTNO

Like a medieval siege engine, the preparations for the 10th Historical Reenactment Groups Rally, Historical Odyssey, have started rolling forward. In the very center of Poland, in Kutno— a small town situated at the intersection of roads that used to be trodden by Polish, Napoleonic, Russian and German armies. In this town, which the history has neither passed by nor spared, we intend to create a new place of meeting for the enthusiasts of history, ranging from the ancient times till the most recent events. Thereby we wish to open a new chapter in the history of Kutno itself, to have our town acquire the reputation of a living monument to the memory of warriors, knights, soldiers, honor and combat.

The idea for the rally was born as a few aficionados from the Historical Society REGIMENT 37 in Kutno were trying to make their own dreams come true. Neither would it have been possible to bring the rally to life without the financial support of the Kutno City Hall and the aid of the Regional Museum in Kutno. A full list of our sponsors, co-organizers and media patrons can be found at the Sponsors page of our website.

We hope that the common effort of so many people will result in a successful, well-organized event with a unique flavor effected by an assortment of reenactment groups representing all historical periods. This event will provide the members of those reenactment groups with an opportunity to get to know each other better and to pit themselves against opponents from other epochs, and the spectators with a possibility to take an unparalleled trip in time: from antiquity through the Middle Ages till the present day.

We would like to invite everyone who wants to face a one-of-a-kind adventure and experience the many attractions to come to Kutno on the 19th through 21st July 2019 and take part in the 10th Historical Reenactment Groups Rally Historical Odyssey.

You can contact us at kontakt@odysejahistoryczna.org.pl.


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